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Price List for Glycine Airman Watches

Because of the unique nature of the Glycine Airman hack mechanism, the cost to service is higher than the more common vintage watches. For detailed information regarding the Glycine Airman hack mechanism, see this page.  A short history of the Glycine Airman watch may be found on this page.

Prices listed below are typical for the service as described on the Services page. However, there are variables to be taken into account. Each watch must be evaluated on an individual basis. Replacing worn, broken, or missing parts is additional.

Because there were watch case design changes to the vintage Airman model over the twenty-five years that the watch was in production, there is limited interchangeability for the case parts that are unique to the Airman, such as the bezel clamp assembly and the hack lever.

Replacement parts for the hack device and for the bezel clamp, if they are damaged or missing, will need to be fabricated and fitted to the individual watch. Off-the-shelf replacement parts are virtually non-existent. Making one-off individual parts is labor intensive and correspondingly expensive.

On the other hand, movement parts for both the Felsa and A. Schild calibers are still, in many instances, available from watch material suppliers. Parts are interchangeable within calibers, i.e., parts from one Felsa caliber 692N will interchange with parts from any other Felsa caliber 692N movement. So, for those parts that may no longer be available through material suppliers, it is possible to utilize donor movements. In most instances, parts from the Felsa 692 (the normal 12 hour dial caliber) will interchange with the caliber 692N. The exception being the under the dial parts (the motion work), that provide the 24 hour rotation of the hour hand.

Click here for information about the unique Glycine Airman hack device. A short history of the Glycine Airman watch is on this page.

Of course, we repair other vintage Glycine watches as well as the Airman and Airman SST.

We are pleased to answer any questions regarding Glycine Airman service or repair. Contact: info@nevadawatchrepair.com

Service Glycine Airman................$335.00

Replace Broken Hack Wire...........$125.00

Replace Broken or Missing Hack Lever
including the wire........................$290.00

Replace Bezel Clamp Assembly
Clamp Plate, Screw Stud and Crown...$290.00

Replace Crystal............................$65.00
We have original style crystals with the correct
date magnifier.

Replace Stem.................................$115.00
Must be modified from a stock Felsa or
A. Schild stem (depending on the brand
of movement in the watch) in order to
operate the Airman hack lever.

These prices are typical. All repairs receive a firm quote for your approval before any work is performed. Return postage will be added to the above pricing. For shipping instructions see this page.